Accept the gift of grief’s transformative power to open and heal you!

  • Learn how to feel and release emotions associated with grief and loss
  • Embrace and apply spiritual principles and wisdom to move through pain
  • Create greater peace, lightness & freedom by communicating from your heart
  • Become more aware of and responsive to your feelings and needs instead of distracting yourself in unhealthy ways
  • View any change, loss or pain from your soul’s perspective
  • Reach emotional completion with at least one of your  losses, and learn a process to do this with other losses
  • Commit to loving yourself first with a self-marriage ceremony

Why Green?

Green represents the flavor of Transformative Loss because it’s the color of the heart chakra and is the great balancer of the heart, emotions and love. Green symbolizes growth, hope and renewal and is our healing center, where we forgive ourselves and all others, through Love, the ultimate healing force.


The Flavors

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Soul Practices

Transformative Loss

Sensory Experiences

Nourishing Relationships

Creative Expression & Play