Develop authentic, loving, nourishing connections with yourself and others!

NOURISHING RELATIONSHIPS ~ Shift from tolerating unhealthy, draining relationships into creating & enjoying nourishing, energizing relationships

OLD LIFE:  Feeling anxious & alone, sense of disconnect with self and others, isolated, disempowered, depressed, distracted, drained; feel malnourished, not gotten, unsupported. Out of balance with doing and being in relationships

NEW LIFE: Feeling peaceful, appreciated, appreciative, deeply connected, nourished in mind, body, heart & spirit, energized, empowered, witnessed, seen, supported. Balance of being and doing.

  • Treat yourself as your most beloved instead of a bad friend; Grow in self-love through self-awareness, self-compassion and self-care

  • Stop losing yourself in your relationships. Commit to loving yourself first with a self-marriage ceremony

  • Know you’re loved lovable & worthy no matter what. Give yourself permission to be your True Self: Fully expressed, empowered and free

  • Create authentic heart-centered relationships based on effective communication skills, grounded in: Allowing, Presence, Trust, Vulnerability and Appreciation

  • Build bridges with those different from you based on: Culture, Generation, Identity, Politics, Religion, etc.

Why TurquoisE?

Turquoise represents the flavor of Nourishing Relationships as it blends the heart chakra’s green energy of love, relating and healing with the throat chakra’s blue energy of authentic expression, trust and harmony.  Nourishing relationships are heart-based and a sanctuary where we can fully be and express our true selves.

Love does not claim possession, but gives freedom. - Rabindranath Tagore


The Flavors

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