Pause, ground in the NOW, appreciate and enjoy!

  • Determine your preferred sensory modalities – visual, auditory and/or kinesthetic
  • Create a “Joy List” based on sensory experiences that ground and uplift you
  • Develop mindfulness practices rooted in the sensory to be more peaceful, calm and present
  • Expand your ability to enjoy life through intentionally dwelling in all 5 senses everyday
  • Press the “pause” and “reset” buttons in your life to gain a more expanded perspective
  • Hone your ability to see beauty, wisdom and the divine in ordinary sensory experiences
  • Increase your wellbeing by nurturing your mind, body and spirit in healthy ways
  • Take a 30 day sensory “bath” to engage more fully in life

Why Red?

Red represents the flavor of Sensory Experiences, as it’s the color of the root chakra which grounds and enlivens us through the physical world of the senses. Red energy helps us to be more present, appreciative and delighted, through our five senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing.


The Flavors

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Soul Practices

Transformative Loss

Sensory Experiences

Nourishing Relationships

Creative Expression & Play