Feel free, in “The Flow”, a channel for the divine to express, and lighthearted, like a child!

  • Learn the tangible benefits of creativity and play
  • Do a Creativity Inventory to become aware of the Creator within you
  • Do a Play Inventory to remember and relearn what kinds of play nourish your soul
  • Let go of outcomes and perfectionism while refining enjoyment in the creative process
  • Set a Play Date with yourself once a week to have non-productive fun
  • Engage your younger self in a creativity/play conversation to see what wants to emerge
  • Choose one creative avenue to explore in the next month
  • Take the 6-month creativity e-course, or monthly modules, where each month focuses on a different aspect of creative expression (optional)

Why Orange?

Orange represents the flavor of Creative Expression & Play because it’s the color of the sacral chakra, symbolizing creativity, joy, play and fun. It’s also the color of enthusiasm, curiosity and exploration. Orange promotes a sense of wellness, embodying vitality, strength, and flow.


The Flavors

Click on an image below to explore each unique aspect of the Divine Juicy Life Program.


Soul Practices

Transformative Loss

Sensory Experiences

Nourishing Relationships

Creative Expression & Play