Experience, choose and express as greater peace, freedom, joy and love!

SOUL ALIGNMENT - Shift from a lack of soul connection & living from your ego self to Soul connection and living from your Higher Self

OLD LIFE: Living at lower level of consciousness, ruled by fear-based ego; competitive, selfish, controlling, pushing, forcing, reactive, living from the neck up 

NEW LIFE:  Higher level of consciousness, grounded, trusting, ruled by soul love; collaborative, service focus, allowing, responding, in flow of life, living from integrated heart & head; can experience joy in midst of chaos and be the calm in the storm

2ND SHIFT: Living from the neck up (left brain) vs. the wisdom of the body, heart & soul (right brain) 

OLD LIFE: Health issues, insomnia, a bland existence, lack of intimacy in relationships, inability to heal grief, disconnection, making choices out of alignment with who you really are, feeling blah & depressed; disconnected from your internal GPS

NEW LIFE: Connected at deeper level to self and others for more fulfilling relationships, easier decision making, life in flow vs. forced, more energy, aliveness, vibrancy, vitality, better health

3RD SHIFT: Living someone else’s life vs. YOUR life & being true to yourself

OLD LIFE: Loss of life force energy, decreased energy due to internal conflict; spending time questioning your path, worrying, feeling stuck or confused, not happy, attract lower vibe people

NEW LIFE: Amazing vitality and energy, feeling of deep peace and empowerment; positive role model for others, stronger immune system, healthier, attract higher vibe relationships, able to live purpose and die with no regrets

4TH SHIFT: Focus on the external world (conditions) and not your internal one (cause), which shapes your external world

OLD LIFE: At the whim of conditions in external world without knowing how to change them sustainably. Living in anxiety and stress, trying to control; giving power and energy away to others; disempowered, anxious, frustrated

NEW LIFE: Shifting internal mindset into one that’s grounded, peaceful, empowered, in flow; more energy cause not giving it away, more allowing, accepting, so happier; role model for others

  • Engage in a practice to transcend your human self and connect to your Soul Self/The Divine for greater peace, meaning & intuitive access, resulting in better choices & actions for greater fulfillment and success

  • Learn and develop any of 21 spiritual intelligence skills to act more often from wisdom and compassion, as the noble or spiritual leader you most admire

  • Apply universal spiritual principles and wisdom to your work and life for greater peace, freedom, joy and success

  • Live a full life with meaning and joy from your alignment with your purpose, passion and core values

Why Purple?

Purple represents the flavor of Soul Alignment as it’s the color of the crown chakra, symbolizing spirituality, sacred wisdom, and being one with the world. Purple is an introspective color, expanding our awareness and connecting us to a higher consciousness. It’s the color of transformation and enlightenment.

Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment. ~ Esther Hicks


The Flavors

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