Experience, choose and express as greater peace, freedom, joy and love!

  • Find or enhance a practice to connect beyond your human self to your Soul/The Divine
  • Learn and develop any of 21 spiritual intelligence skills to act more often from wisdom and compassion
  • Develop skills to behave more often as the noble/spiritual leader you admire most
  • Create alignment and congruency with your greater/higher self vs. smaller/egoic self
  • Apply universal spiritual principles and wisdom to your work and life for greater peace, freedom, joy and success
  • Live from your alignment with your purpose, passion and core values and joyfully serve others
  • Love your life, and live it fully by spending time with what you most love and value; stop putting off what your heart yearns for

Why Purple?

Purple represents the flavor of Soul Practices as it’s the color of the crown chakra, symbolizing spirituality, sacred wisdom, and being one with the world. Purple is an introspective color, expanding our awareness and connecting us to a higher consciousness. It’s the color of transformation and enlightenment.


The Flavors

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Soul Practices

Soul Practices

Transformative Loss

Sensory Experiences

Nourishing Relationships

Creative Expression
& Play