Enhance your connection to your soul and the divine!

The Program


I guide women flying solo in the midst of spiritual transformation to soul-led lives of meaning & joy !

Are you ready to live open-heartedly and courageously from your heart and soul vs. your head and ego?

  • Is your life falling apart (job, relationships, money, health)?
  • Questioning the meaning and purpose of your life?
  • Feeling a soul hunger that no status, person or thing can fill?
  • Ready to follow your soul's calling over money or "security"?

I can help. I'm a Spiritual Coach & Soul Minister who can help you see your pain through a spiritual lens and shift from stuck to clear, angst to peace, & pain to joy, and live fully through the 5 flavors of a Divine Juicy Life™: Soul Practices, Transformative Loss, Sensory Experiences, Nourishing Relationships and Creative Expression & Play. 

The FLavors


Click on an image below to explore each unique aspect of the Divine Juicy Life Program.


Soul Practices

Transformative Loss

Sensory Experiences

Nourishing Relationships

Creative Expression & Play

Barbara Brady - Spiritual Coach & Soul Minister

Barbara Brady - Spiritual Coach & Soul Minister


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I’m a Spiritual Coach & Soul Minister who helps you come home to your True Self, view your life through a spiritual lens, and illuminate your path to a divine juicy life. Learn More


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