The Divine Juicy Life Program is all about…

Coming home to your True Self; making room and space in your life to savor each of the divine juicy flavors of your home within - those places within you where you long to connect, experience, express and love from your True Self.

Realize there's nothing wrong with you if you feel you don't fit into any aspect of conventional life, you're not alone; you're worthy and lovable just as you are and God/The Divine loves you unconditionally.

What kind of inner home do you want to dwell in? What kind of foundation do you want to stand on? When you’re aligned with The Divine, with that knowing in your heart, then your home has a firm foundation, that nothing can shake. And when you savor each of the five flavors of: Soul practices, transformative loss, sensory experiences, nourishing relationships, and creative expression & play, you will not only align more deeply in your true essence, you'll experience a true joy, peace, freedom and understanding of love we were all meant to experience. And...

You will be a Wayshower for others to do the same.

Spiritual Coaching Juicy Life Wedge

Why Yellow?

Yellow (Yellow Gold) represents the container for the Divine Juicy Life Program because it symbolizes Divine illumination, joy and our spiritual power, essential qualities that infuse and enhance the Divine Juicy Flavors, bringing them to life, while serving as their sacred vessel.



The Flavors

Click on an image below to explore each unique aspect of the Divine Juicy Life Program.


Soul Practices

Transformative Loss

Sensory Experiences

Nourishing Relationships

Creative Expression & Play