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Free Webinar: Spiritual Wisdom Series (6 of 8)

Spiritual Wisdom Applied to Personal & Global Events Webinar Series

Webinar Topic (6 of 8):

How do we hold a space of openness, acceptance and love for those who may have beliefs and views opposed to ours? How do we find the spiritual in the everyday; in our loved ones, and others? What are the signs of spirit? (CONT)

Enhance your Divine Juicy Life by joining us for a series of webinars, where you’ll learn spiritual wisdom and practices to help you access inner peace and calm, and be a more wise, loving, joyful presence for yourself and others in the midst of personal or global turmoil. 

I’m excited to be co-facilitating this webinar series with my colleague, Ralf Friedrich, who also helps his clients discover and grow their spirituality. Ralf is a spiritual leader in the EKHN (protestant church of Hessen and Nassau) and a member of a crisis intervention team. He has a solid background in psychology and professional coaching.

Live attendance is FREE and recorded archives may be downloaded for less than $11 (€9,90).