Tangible Value of a Divine Juicy Life

What is "The Divine Juicy Life" and what’s the tangible value of living it?

A Divine Juicy Life is “A life fully and joyfully lived through savoring the flavors of: soul practices, transformative loss, sensory experiences, nourishing relationships and creative expression and play.”

Living Life Fully

Most of us yearn to live life fully, and die with few to no regrets.

For me, living fully means living a life of meaning and purpose from my heart and spirit; living my core values of spirituality, deep connections, creative expression, freedom, learning, travel and making a positive personal difference in others’ lives. It means being openhearted, allowing myself to welcome and feel ALL of my emotions- including grief and joy. It means pushing the edge of my comfort zone and exploring new places in both my inner self-reflective journey and outer world journey. It’s the ability to be spontaneous and say “YES” when a life enhancing opportunity knocks; to keep my heart open, even when it wants to close down; to forgive and be forgiven; to be curious and ask questions like “Why not?” and “What if?” to expand what’s possible. It means not settling by living a life less than what I know I’d love to live. It’s using any experience as an opportunity to be grateful and grow myself. Finally, it means living in alignment with my divinity; with my highest and best expression of myself.

What would your life look like if you were living it FULLY?

Living Life Joyfully

I’m presuming that you already know what joy feels like – whether you’ve felt it for only a moment or for years, most of us would happily accept more joy.

For me, joy is a feeling of aliveness; a feeling of “YES!” where all my cells are jumping up and down and I feel a deep peace, expansive happiness, and excitement in the marrow of my bones.

Joy is at the root of many of our life choices. We choose a home, career, relationship, trip, etc., because we think it will give us joy.

Joy is tangible. It’s a visceral and energetic experience.

For me, evidence I’m living joyfully includes awareness that I’m holding my body upright. My energy feels expansive. I’m energized, excited and alive. I also feel really peaceful. I laugh more easily and often. I treat myself and other with more love and compassion. I’m more lighthearted and charming, and easy going. I feel like I’m in the “flow” of life and anything is possible. The other great thing is because I’m already feeling joyful, I’m not attached to having to have anything on the outside to bring me this joy. I’m already embodying and living it, which ironically attracts good things in to my life, like helpful people, resources, money, etc.

When I’m living joyfully, I’m aligned in my knowing where I’m in my power, living with confidence and trust. My intuition flows. I’m more present, fully alive and in the flow with all my relationships – including with friends, loved ones and clients. Magical serendipities and synchronicities happen more often throughout the day. I effort less and allow more. I seem to always have whatever I need – whether it’s money, time, good health, harmonious relationships, creative insights, etc. I feel supported by the universe. Most importantly, I feel grateful and happy just to be alive.

What would your life look like if you were living it joyfully?

How would you know you’re living life fully and joyfully? What would the tangible evidence be?

  • What does living fully look like for you?
  • What does living joyfully look like for you?
  • Imagine you were living life fully and joyfully RIGHT NOW. How would you know? What would be observably different? For example…
  • How would you be showing up in your relationships, including your relationship with yourself?
  • How would you be showing up in your work?
  • How would this affect your experience of abundance and prosperity?
  • How would this affect your health and sense of wellbeing? Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual?
  • Imagine your life in 1, 10, or 30 years without choosing to live life fully and joyfully. What if you were to make no changes and continue your life on the same trajectory you’ve been on until now?
  • What’s the cost to you of NOT living life fully and joyfully? What’s the cost to your relationships (including the relationship with yourself), your work, your health/vitality, and your finances?
  • What’s keeping you from living life fully and joyfully today?
  • Imagine your life in 1, 10 or 30 years. What would a life being lived fully and joyfully look like then? What would be happening in your relationships, work, health and vitality and with your finances?

What would that be worth to you?